フォントサイズ?? デフォルトの 16px は非常に小さく見えます

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What is the default font-size for a pdf?

According to bootstrap the default font-size for web is 16px. But then the font-size in the pdf is really small. Even smaller then when printing the same page with same stylesheet in the browser (brave based on chrome81)

I tried 12pt (like in the grabzit-templates) but that also does not help.
So now I use 25px as base font-size in the <html> tag, just to get a normal font-size. 

Do others have the same experience? 

Greetz, Lydia


Asked by Rhinestone66 on the 24th of April 2020

I just tried turning the GrabzIt home page into a PDF and it seems to have the correct font size. Perhaps there is something unique about the web page. Do ensure there is a default font size applied as it tries to convert whatever is in the page.

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